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You've found your alternative. Pedlar Stock Bespoke won't let you settle. You can be fully satisfied in form, function, and ethic in the objects you use everyday. Quality, durability, sustainability, and body wellness guide our business.

The Bespoke Process:

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Custom Last

We start by creating a custom foot form based on your unique measurements. Your shoe will be built on this.

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Bespoke Pattern

In collaboration with you, we create a completely one of a kind pattern that will become the top of your shoe.

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Fitting Shoe

Using your pattern and last, we construct a mock-up called a fitter shoe. This confirms the fit and design.

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Uppers & Lasting

Once we’ve finalized the fit, we construct the holdfast, and pull the final upper tight on the last to give it its shape.

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Welting & Midsoles

We make stitching channels, hand-stitching the shoe together for durability. We use leather midsoles for comfort.

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Soling & Finishing

Finally, your shoe is soled in your choice of material and all the finishing touches are put on. Ready to wear!

More About Bespoke

Sample Work

You can view Pedlar Stock's work by going to our Client's page to view previous bespoke collaborations, or you can follow our facebook, instagram and blog to see our work as it happens. Download our lookbook here to view samples from our collection.

Common Questions Answered

Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions about bespoke shoes and more!

Made to Measure vs. Bespoke

Bespoke shoes involve a fully custom last, pattern, and shoe. Made to measure uses our pre patterned collection shoes, minimal last modifications, and choice of leathers. Bespoke is recommended if you have unique foot needs, want a more durable shoe specifically for your foot, or want to cater to your personal brand or lifestyle.

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