Pedlar Stock began as a shoemaking company founded in 2014 by Aimee Burnett and Gabriel Baribeau. We use traditional, time tested techniques that produce top quality goods, and labour over the small details. Our products are born of collaborative creation with our clients to create the shoes people really want.

A Different Stance

When we started Pedlar Stock we wanted to be the alternative we were trying to find. We wanted to provide ourselves and others with shoes that didn’t force you to give up one thing you wanted for another; style for comfort, fit for availability, new design for durability, sustainability and wellness. You can be fully satisfied in form, function, and ethic by the objects you use everyday.

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We called our company Pedlar Stock because we wanted to become an umbrella for makers and creators. We imagined a new economy and community created through sharing skills and resources. This is the vision of a company we continue to grow toward. We are also founders of Casino Artspace, a workspace, project space, and gallery that has been home to over 25 artists and makers in Hamilton On. Our studio is located within Casino.

Quality Goods

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Pedlar Stock believes that you should meet your makers; the people behind the products you use everyday.

What stands between you and the earth is foundational for your body’s structure. Bad shoes cause poor alignment. The shoes you are wearing could be contributing to chronic knee, hip, and back issues. Many mass produced shoes also contain particle board, plastics, and toxic chemicals and adhesives. These products are made to be worn for a short time, then thrown away, which makes them both bad for you, and unsustainable for the environment. You can realign your body from the bottom up with quality shoes made just for your body.

Collaborative Creation

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Bespoke means that you can craft a product that fits your life. It also means connecting with the craftsperson. What’s better than having someone who cares about you crafting the objects you use everyday? You will get to choose your own materials and style to create a product informed by the way you live and what you like, working together with a craftsperson from start to finish. Learn more about the process HERE!

About Pedlar Stock

Pedlar Stock creates the products you’ll wear everyday. That's why we use socially conscious, time-tested techniques and labor over the small details. We create products of the highest quality in collaboration with you.

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